If your design is ready to hit the shelves, then we want to see it.

Make sure you’re providing us with everything we need in order to give your design the best chance of being selected – read our tips below if you need a reminder!


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  1. Keep it classy, people

Ernest is a sophisticated man about town, and therefore shall not be seen in garments that are offensive or tacky. Think more ‘going out’ or ‘smart casual’ than ‘stag do’. We’re looking for a certain degree of quality that gives customers a tee shirt they treasure, not a novelty item.

  1. #Trending

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty fashionable establishment, and we don’t half love a good trend, so take note of the styles around you right now on the high street, or even the other designs on this site!

  1. Surprise us

A tricky one, we know – but there’s a million T-shirt designs in the world and you want yours to stand out. Take inspiration from others but develop a style that’s very much yours, and that’s how you can keep Ernest and the customers interested.

  1. The technical bit

There’s a certain way we like to receive your designs to make sure they print as well as possible. Here are all the details you need:

  • File Type:  Tiff
  • Color Mode: CMYK SWOP Coated (Inside Photoshop)
  • Image Resolution: 300 dpi
  • White Layer: Needs to be created as Spot Color Channel (not as Alpha Channel)
  • Tiff Saving Options: Layers Spot Channel ICC embedded
  • Image Compression: LZW “NO Transparency”
  • Pixel Order: Interleaved
  • Layer Compression: RLE
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