Welcome to Ernest Clothing

Born out of the gritty backstreets of Newcastle, Ernest are manufacturers of fine quality T-shirts for the urban gentleman. Designed by our growing team of edge-obsessed designers, we bring affordable but original style from the streets to your backs. 

How, I hear you say?

Well, we built a pretty cool global platform that allows credible designers to submit their original art-work for review by our experienced fashion based design crew.

Designers are encouraged to mess with iconography, cultural influences, street art and the taboo to create original designs that make a statement. We don’t direct them – we just say go and get the hell out the way! These guys are crazy with no sleep.


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So who is Ernest?

Ernest is the man about town. Charming and downright desirable, everything about him makes a statement about his intense conviction for living life his way. We’re not bothered about rules and status quo. All that regulation is for robots. We’re pioneers, entrepreneurs…we’re doing it our way.

It probably makes sense then that the Ernest character was inspired by the revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, which represents the revolution that we’re bringing to the world of design.


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Want to get involved?

If you’re a designer and want to contribute your original work to this global platform, visit our designers page and get involved! Watch out though, we are pretty picky!


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