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“Inspiration for my designs came very much from my everyday life experiences, whether that was from the music I was listening to, the environment surrounding me or the personal experiences I was living”

About Daniel Frazer Jackson.

Daniel has always shown a flare of creativity and from a young age art in particular took his interest. This then lead him into the world of graphic design where he could use his artistic flare and ability to its full potential.

Daniel studied graphic design at The University of Huddersfield. During this time he started designing his own clothing, just as a hobby at first due to the lack of interest in the sheep like fashion the highstreet shops had to offer. Due to interest in the clothing he created this was then carried on into Daniel’s final major project in which Diamond Culture was born as his own clothing label.

After completing university Daniel decided to diversify his skill set and became a graphic designer at Digitia a digital marketing agency which enabled him to learn not only about marketing, digital marketing and sales but also how a business was run. After this Daniel became the brand manager of a business growth consultancy – IX7 – in which he enhanced his skills again learning about business strategy.

Daniel is the founder of Daniel Frazer Jackson Design that tackle not only creative briefs but also fashion and corporate briefs, allowing Daniel to show how he is a powerhouse of ideas with an intelligence for design to suit a range of briefs.




“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Picasso. Instead of painting I use graphic design to express myself.

Daniel Frazer Jackson - Design Work

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